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How Much Is Your TNB Bill?

We create an option for you to save your expensive TNB Tariff


EP Solar (Home)

Install rooftop grid-connected PV system on the roof get immediate result and great return. There are many incentives or programs like FiT, NEM, GiTA, Zero Upfront Cost, Peer-to-peer and etc. It’s hassle free, we will plan and choose the best option that suit you.


EP Solar (Commercial)

Install rooftop grid-connected PV system on the roof get immediate result and great return. There are many incentives or programs like FiT, NEM, GiTA, Zero Upfront Cost, Peer-to-peer and etc. It’s hassle free, we will plan and choose the best option that suit you.


EP Energy Storage

Backup power is very important when the IoT and security systems are getting popular in your premises. Your security systems, WIFI modem, fish pond’s water pump and etc are the essential appliances that require 100% power availability to keep your life secure.


EP Energy Inspection

We provide predictive maintenance which include inspection, energy audit and digitalization of your appliances and machineries. As a result, it will improve efficiency, reliability, performance as well as safety of your assets which translate into your savings.

Why Choose Us

Affordable Pricing

Save money in long term and avoid unnecessary spending.

Time Saving

We shall manage and solve every single problem for you.

Good Quality

Reliable manufacturers and top tier quality components are the utmost important criteria which bring long term benefits.

Design to Last

Ensure selected components, system design and installation to last at least 25 years.


No doubt, you will make your neighbours jealous on the outstanding design of Solar Panel.

We Know Your Concern

Subscribe to our state-of-the-art Maintenance Package


We promise it won't worsen your return but give you better return.


From 24/7 support, inspection, warranty will be taking care of basically are corrective and preventive maintenence.

Peace of Mind

Worried about lightning, theft, hail stone, TNB power surge? Yes, all components are covered by insurance which also covers loss of saving.

Start Your Saving

With these 3 steps

Tell us about your bill

Site survey, making sure it meets your budget, site condition and your goal, and we will give you plans.

We make thing happen

Permit, NNEM and GiTA incentive application, installation, testing and commissioning.

You start saving

Hand over, turn ON the system and start saving. Of course, operation and maintenance will be taking care of.



Peter Sze — “We are grateful to Energy Possible and Hanwha Qcells for their collaboration in helping our church save RM3,000 monthly in electricity. The solar panes spelling out our name is a bonus."

The New Covenant Church

Mr Azmi — “Energy Possible's team are very knowledgeable across every available product in the market and they customize the best options for me. With advance features, the solution by them is the most cost effective. After installation, my electricity bill has dropped to less than 10% compare to previous bill. The most satisfied me on Energy Possible is reliable and give me peace of mind. They not only take care of my system but also cover insurance for us. We have been using solar system more than 1 year, there has not been any breakdown or maintenance needed. We will continue enjoy saving for many years to come."


Alison — “We plan to install solar pane since years ago. After MCO (Mar-July), we decided and choose Energy Possible to install 14 panels to save RM300 per month on Sep 2020. Luckily, we done everything b4 CMCO start again on 14 Oct 2020. They provide good suggestion which met our needs. Now average we just paying RM5-RM30 electricity bill."


Prof. Gan — “Thanks to Energy Possible and SunPower collaboration making our research team on solar technology success. Energy Possible's team are very knowledgeable and approachable. They help us solved our hardest part so we can focus on the research."

UTeM Melaka

Yeoh — "This an investment for now and future, with significant long-term saving in mind. We already saw good saving and reduction in our TNB bill of more than 60% in the first few months on operation. The expected ROI is around 5 years but the benefits one can enjoy is far longer than that, possibly 15 to 25 years. Furthermore, the hardware warranty ranging from 12 to 25 years, which provide good investment protection. I choose EP because of their proven track records in delivering quality service and after sales support, knowing that they are here to stay for many years to come."

Bukit Jelutong

Yeoh — "In 28 days, our solar panels have already generated RM1,150 worth of electricity to be net off my bills! Also, potential payoff is huge as the panels have a lifespan of 25 years."

Petaling Jaya

"The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of good people." - Napolean

Be Part Of The Bigger Dream

Yes! You are in the right place. EP committed to United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by adopting Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles in our service.

Joining Us = Joining millions of homeowners and organization to future proof your commitment on SGG.


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