EP Energy Inspection

Performance | Reliability | Safety

Why is your TNB bill so high?

We have full range of mechanical and electrical inspection service which can immediately pin point the root cause of high bills.

In modern life, we need many equipment to support our life or business. Such as electrical protection switches, air-conditioner unit, electric motor, gas or water piping, control board, power cables, and etc. All these equipment need to be well inspected and maintained.


Our ultimate goal are equipment Performance, Reliability, and Safety.

Yearly inspection is recommended for your saving, safety, and insurance premium. Our service covers:

Energy Audit and Energy Management Advisory

Focus on the energy consumption and energy management to achieve client goals. Improvement can be made after understand each equipment load profile which directly improve bill saving.

Electrical Power Quality Inspection

Focus on power factor, harmonics, unbalance and others that occur in the plant. Identify issues and necessary action can be carry out.

Infrared Thermography Inspection

Focus on hotspot in electrical components and mechanical machines. The abnormal heat built-up can be easily identified and correct back.

Vibration Inspection

Focus on identifying mechanical anomalies (unbalance, looseness, misalignment and bearing failure) in motor-driven machineries such as motor, pump set, blower, compressor, etc.

Leak Inspection

Focus on the location of air/gas leak in pipe or compartment. This can easily make a necessary action to avoid worsening risk to the equipment and people around.

We believe our professional engineering team able to generate in-depth analysis on your equipment performance and advice the improvement to minimise your resources spending.

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