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Worry About Company Cash Flow?

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Join Thousand Of Businesses Like Yours That Have Save Their Electricity Bill Into Half!

Many businesses are cutting their operation cost by installing solar PV system on their roof.

Your competitors already start saving with us

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Programs and Incentives

Now we can install solar PV system through self-consumption or Net Energy Metering (NEM) – NOVA program.


Net Energy Metering (NEM)

Install solar PV system through NEM program to maximize your benefit by consume solar energy first, and store the excess energy into TNB grid as a “one-on-one” basis.

– the program ended 2020


Net Offset Virtual Aggregation (NOVA)

Install solar PV system through NOVA program to maximize your benefit by consume solar energy first, and export the excess energy into TNB grid at System Marginal Price (SMP) or market price tariff rate.



If your premise has high electricity consumption throughout day time, every day, you definitely can consider self-consumption. This is because NEM and NOVA is not applicable for you due to no excess energy.


P2P Energy Trading

Peer-to-Peer energy trading allow you to sell electricity to consumer at higher tariff. If you have solar PV system, you can trade your excess at higher tariff rate compare to marketing rate and make a profit.

– coming soon


Double Tax Reduction

By purchasing Solar PV equipment from us, we will assist you on Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA) application through MiDA.
Currently, solar PV equipment is ONLY one of the assets you can enjoy 100% CAPEX offset against statutory income.

Worry about your cash flow?

There are many ways to OWN and still ENJOY savings

01. Outright Purchase

Retain Earning

Buy and own the system through paying 100% CAPEX. Enjoy maximum benefit of saving.

Bank Loan

Buy and own the system through Bank Loan. Enjoy maximum benefit of saving, use the saving to payback loan.

02. Solar Lease and Own

No upfront cost but lease solar PV system to save electricity bill and own the system after leasing period end.

03. Solar PPA

No upfront cost but buy cheaper solar tariff through Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA)

Your saving will pay off it-self

Whichever purchase option you choose, you still get your saving to grow your business to the next level.

Going solar with us can be as simple as

Just three Steps

Full spectrum of world-class services with the following steps

Step 1 Project Development

01. Site Evaluation

Simple, effortless and FREE!

02. Engineering & Design

Professionally system customization.

03. Proposal

Preliminary or through feasibility proposal.

Step 2 Project Execution

01. Permitting & Licensing

All permits and paperwork will be taken care of.

02. Installation

Seamless, up to standard and safety prioprity.

03. Testing & Commissioning

Final inspection as per design and meter installation.

Step 3 Project Hand Over

01. Turn it ON

Start enjoying your saving

02. Operation & Maintenance

Our specialist continues to take care of the system.

03. Disposal

Complete recycle of the system once run into the end of their service life.

Based on past statistic data, Malaysia electricity tariff increase 8% every 4 year which will make your business in very challenging position in near future.

We know you still worry

We’ve got you COVERED

Our Warranty goes beyond Solar PV System

Home Page Cover

Manufacturer Back-to-back Warranty

Local technical support minimal response time

Workmanship and Performance Warranty

24/7 support available after installation

Special Solar PV Insurance

Comprehensive protection which include components replacement, repairing cost and saving loss protection


Maintenance Package

Comprehensive maintenance package the best in the industry which cover corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance

We hope to see your company success, knowing that we are behind you to make it POSSIBLE

Did you know?

Forward-thinking company like you are adopting ESG principles in their businesses

More and more organization or investors are preferred to do business with the organization who care about the sustainability of their business and environment. Therefore, we adopt Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles in our business so we can help local business to achieve TOGETHER.

Renewable Energy Certificates

If your organisation has sustainable goal to commit and you don’t have roof to put solar PV, Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) is for you.

If you have 1,000 kWh electricity need to come from clean energy, you can purchase REC from mGATs and prove it to your customer that your organization is powered by renewable energy. REC is a globally recognized tool that enable any organization meet their ESG commitment at any time anywhere on earth.

Inaction is Expensive

Changing the world is expensive, but if you do nothing it even more expensive. You will loss more by paying more to TNB.